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Hi! I am The Cyberian - your ordinary computer freak with a taste for writing (both software and prose/poetry). I used to be based in Sri Lanka (small island in the Indian Ocean - very beautiful place with golden beaches and lots of trees around) but am now in USA (to be specific Lawrenceville, GA). I used to write my software for a compnay called Far Rooks Inc.. ("Free software for the masses") but now write software only for my current employer - Datamatics Consultants Inc. - and my prose used to go to The Sunday Times, a newspaper in Sri Lanka for which I wrote a IT column titled - originally enough - "The Cyberian". Alas, all that has changed now and I am still looking around for people gullible enough to accept the drivel I write (just being modest there, folks <g>) over here in the US for publication. In the mean time, I develop web pages, do Java programming and come up with insidious CGI scripts for my company to make a living :-)

I've also become involved in a new project called LiteStep which is aimed at developing an alternate interface for Windows based machines and am part of the development team. I've been working on LiteStep quite extensively and while there are many sites which deal with it, the central place to go to is here. I have left the LiteStep Dev team since then but am continuing development on windows shells in the form of a new shell replacement for Windows. For for the latest information on development, you can check out The Developer's Journal.

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    2. Lanka Internet Home: Information on Sri Lanka
    3. Royal College Homepage: My Alma Mater


"The Cyberian"

The following articles are presented here in the very format they were published in the paper and have not been modified to reflect changes and/or remove descrepancies.

I started lacing my columns with fiction to make it a bit more interesting to the lay reader. Here are some samples of what I call "faction" - a combination of fact and fiction, geddit?


The following stories have been written by me over the last year or so. While I have submitted one of them to an online magazine, it was not accepted. Since then, I have not bothered to submit anymore of my work. My magnum opus is a long SF novel called "The Sagitarian Saga" and is about a family called the Foremans but though the work exists in various forms as written notes, I never got around to putting it into electronic form and so, I don't have it here.


I have been writing for "The Sunday Times" in Sri Lanka as a free-lancer both under my identity of The Cyberian as well as under my own by-line. The stuff I have written under my own by-line include Hindi movie reviews, a nostalgic series on science fiction and a series on books that I enjoyed reading called "Off My Bookshelf". Here are some of them.


These poems have been written by me over the past 10 years. They were not written in any order and are just a sample of the stuff I write when I feel in a poetic mood <g>

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