Name Fahim Ahmed Farook


        Date of Birth 21st July 1969

        Sex Male




October 2000 January 2002

American Communications Network, Michigan, USA

Senior Developer


        Development, maintainance and troubleshooting of existing systems.

        Mentoring of junior developers.

        Design, development and maintainance of new systems.



        RICC Maintainance of a system that Id already helped develop as a consultant as well as further enhancements to it especially to add a Java object framework to it so as to facilitate further development using Java as the development environment instead of Vantive.

        A host of freeware applications developed using Visual C++ and Delphi hosted at that I worked on during my spare time. This includes a tabbed browser which allows you to use both the Internet Explorer and Mozilla engines under one interface (Scope) and a web logging tool which allows a novice to maintain and update a web site with minimal knowledge of HTML and/or Internet utilities such as FTP clients (Blog).



Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional and Advanced Server, Windows XP Professional, Oracle 8.0, Vantive, JBuilder 5.0 Enterprise, JDeveloper 8 & 9i, Delphi 5.0 & 6.0 Enterprise, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (pre-release), DreamWeaver 4.0, Adobe PhotoShop 6.0


July 1999 September 2000

Computer Consultants Inc. ACN, Michigan, USA

Software Consultant


        Development, maintainance and troubleshooting of existing systems.

        Providing management information via reporting tools.

        Development, deployment and maintainance of new systems.



        ACNDB - an existing database system written in FoxPro to maintain customer and rep information.

        RICC - the development of a new system to replace ACNDB developed using Oracle as the backend and Vantive as the front end.

        DarkStep An alternative shell for the Windows platform that allows users to customize their user interface ( A project done in my spare time in Visual C++.



Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 8.0, Vantive, FoxPro 2.6 for Windows, Actuate ReportWriter, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0


April 1999 June 1999

IBM, Michigan, USA

Software Developer


Was part of the accelerated software development project being carried out by IBM on behalf of Ford Motor Company to develop web based solutions in record time.



Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, PERL, Oracle


October 1997 April 1999

Datamatics Consultants Inc., Georgia, USA

Software Consultant & Web Developer

Duties :

        Developing graphical front-ends for several corporate databases using Jade a rapid application development tool for Java

        Developing and maintaining the company web site at (project was stopped at the initial stage itself to make me available for other work) which involved a dynamically generated report accessing internal databases using ODBC and PERL

        Maintenance of ADP payroll system and provision of reports using Crystal Reports.

        Software and hardware support and troubleshooting for company personnel.

        Setting up and maintenance of Internet server using Microsoft IIS and e-mail server based on IMail.

        Interfacing with different systems such as PeachTree and ADP to provide management reports.



        Litestep - a GPL project to develop an alternative Windows interface. Work as part of the dev team in my spare time coding in C and C++.



Microsoft FrontPage 98, JDK 1.1.6 with JFC (Swing), PERL, Adobe PhotoShop and various other image editing tools, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, KAWA IDE for Java, MSVC++ 5.0 & 6.0, Internet Information Server 3.0, Jade Java development tool.


Septermber 1995 October 1997

Young Asia Television (YA*TV), Colombo

Television Producer, Computer Systems Administrator & Free-lance Journalist

Duties :

        Scripting and producing a social issues based television programme called "Space to Let"

        Retrieval of information off the Internet to be used in YA*TV programmes and the retrieval and distribution of e-mails

        Managing network security and connectivity as well as troubleshooting any problems

        Advising management on hardware and software to be purchased

        Producing computer graphics to be used in programmes

        Writing a weekly column on books called "Off My Bookshelf" and a bi-weekly column called "The Cyberian" for the "Mirror Magazine" as well as doing another feature for the "PC Quest" magazine issued with the "Midweek Mirror" called "CyberBabble"


Projects :

        Development of a Visual FoxPro database to monitor video cassettes used for production purposes

        Setting up, software installation and maintenance of a Windows based network running Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0

        The development of several applications in Visual FoxPro to handle day to day tasks

        Involvement in the development of the Young Asia Television website

        Active involvement in several seminars held by Lanka Internet on using the Internet as a business tool


Software :

Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Expression, Visual FoxPro, various HTML authoring tools, Microsoft FrontPage, LightWave 3D, Eudora Pro, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, IRIX 5.2, Alias Wavefront, Avid editing suite on PowerMac running System 7.5, Fast VideoMachine online editing software


December 1994 September 1995

Free-lance Computer Professional & Journalist

Duties :

        Recommendation, installation and trouble-shooting of hardware and software to meet the requirements of clients

        Writing customized software packages to fulfill client data processing needs

        Worked closely with personnel from Lanka Internet Services (Pvt) Ltd. on establishing Internet connectivity

        Writing a computer education related column for the "Mirror Magazine" on "The Sunday Times" called "The Cyberian"


Projects :

        A container management system for Clou Container Depot

        Installed a Novell 3.12 network at Wijeya Newspapers Ltd

        Worked on several communication projects and a seminar about the Internet with DataOne

Software :

FoxPro 2.6 for DOS/Windows on a Novell 3.11 network, MSVC++ 2.0, OS/2 version 3.0 (Warp), Windows for Work Groups 3.11, Various Internet software packages, Microsoft Publisher


December 1993 - December 1994

OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt) Ltd., Kohuwela.

Product Manager

Duties :

        Customer relations and PR work

        Overseeing of programmers involved in projects

        Systems design

        New software installation and training of personnel

        General troubleshooting of installed projects


Projects :

        A Stock brokering package installed at 5 different stock brokering firms


Software :

Foxpro 2.5 for DOS on a Novell 3.11 network, Oracle, Windows 3.1, general file compression utilities (Pkzip, Stacker), DOS 6.2, Word processors for DOS and Windows, Turbo C, Borland C++ 3.1, Microsoft Access, SQLWindows 5.0 (Gupta)


August 1992 - October 1993

Food & Fine Pastries Mfg. Co. Ltd., Jeddah, K.S.A.

Computer Programmer

Duties :

        Designing, developing and maintenance of management information systems

        Maintenance of an off-the-shelf GL package written in Oracle for a Xenix environment

        Maintenance of an already developed inventory and sales control system written in BASIC


Projects :

        Conversion of a payroll system written in Clipper to FoxPro

        General Ledger system

        Costing and Sales Analysis Systems written in FoxPro for DOS


Software :

Novell Netware 2.15, FoxPro 2.0 and 2.5, DOS 6.0, OS/2 2.0, Windows 3.1, Oracle 6 for DOS and Xenix, Harvard graphics for Windows, AmiPro 3.0, Excel 4.0, Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows, Visual Basic, Turbo C 5.0, Clipper 5.1 and CA Clipper 5.2


February 1991 - August 1992

Datamation Systems (Pvt) Ltd., Colombo.

Senior Analyst

Duties :

        Designing, developing and maintaining customized software packages

        Customer relations

        Training of personnel in new software packages

        Advising management on software packages and books to buy


Projects :

        Several payroll packages

        General Ledgers

        Inventory Control packages

        Various database management programs using Clipper, DBase, FoxBase and FoxPro


Software :

Novell Netware 2.15, PC Tools, Norton Utilities, WordPerefect, WordStar, Diagnostic Tools


January 1991 - February 1991

National Institute of Business Management, Colombo.


Duties :

Instructing and training students to use DOS, Windows, Netware, Lotus, DBase, WordStar and other application packages


        Other Qualifications


National Institute of Business Management, Colombo

Diploma in Computer Systems Design - average marks 85 (Distinction)


Waterfield Institute, Nuwara Eliya


National Certificate in English


        Language Skills


























        Educational Qualifications

1984 - 1988

St. Thomas' College, Bandarawela

General Certificate in Education - Advanced Level (1988)



General Certificate in Education - Ordinary Level (1985)

1979 - 1981

Royal College, Colombo


1981 - 1984

Holy Cross College, Kalutara



Primary College, Morawaka





        Extra Curricular Activities


St. Thomas' College, Bandarawela

Leader English debating team

Member Sinhalese debating team

Represented school in the 1986 Dulux-Do-You-know contest