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Sun, Feb 03 2002

OK, I am home and I've finally changed the time settings on my computer :p The final leg of the journey was quite uneventful but long - thank God :-) I mean the uneventful bit ... I simply went to the Tokyo airport again in the morning, checked-in and the flight actually left the gate on time for a change. We even seemed to have made some extra headway on the journey back because we got to Colombo before the scheduled time :-) I had asked my parents to not meet me at the airport since my schedule had been shot to hell and I wasn't even sure that I'd get there at the given time and so I had to do a bit of running around - get some stuff from the duty free, go through customs, find a vehicle, load my stuff etc. - but was home in a couple of hours!

So there ends the saga of my return to Sri Lanka - though I do have a feeling that quite a few things will continue on from the fact in the future ... such as what happens with my consoles :p But all that is for another time. I've had about five hours of sleep and am trying to get back in to the routine of things over here. Unfortunately, I seem to have timed it a bit badly at this end since today is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday as well due to it being Independence day over here :-( So I will have to wait two days before I can actually get to work on all the stuff that needs to be done. Ah, well ... I guess I can at least unpack during those two days ...
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