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Hall of Fame

This page is a simply a list of people who have been kind enough to give something back to the many free projects that I maintain (and sometimes abandon as well :p) Just as I enjoy receiving any tokens of your appreciation of my work, I thought it is important to let others know the kindness and generosity of these people. The list below might not be exhaustive and if I've left anybody out, I beg your forgiveness (and of course, you can point it out to me and I'll add you <g>)

  • KuhnDog & Lyon Lym : Mirrored my sites free of charge and provided a place from which people can download my software
  • sinesolis: Did some excellent icons for Scope and Blog and continues to give suggestions and help.
  • John : Got me into Delphi and provided a lot of help and pointers to resources.
  • jugg : Provided input, beta testing, advice and suggestions for all my apps.
  • Tyran, Phil & Jason : Provided a lot of help with Blog
  • Von : $40 gift certificate that I used to buy "Azurik: Rise of Perathia"
  • Theo Richardson: $30 gift certificate that I used to buy "Almost Famous untitled - The Bootleg Cut"
  • Nigel Powell: A DVD of "Groundhog Day" & a copy of "Daughter of the Empire"
  • Mike: A copy of "Developer's Guide to Delphi Troubleshooting" (sorry about the mistake with the name, Mike)
  • Aaron Freeman: A DVD of "The Replacements"


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