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Mon, Apr 30 2001

Things are pretty crazy around here for me :-) My e-mail's been acting weird and some stuff I send out has not been reaching the receipients because of this SMTP relay program I've set up and the thing is that it doesn't even warn me when mail is not sent out and so I have no idea of knowing who got e-mail from me and who didn't ... I've removed the program but now am kind of limited as to e-mailing since I can't send e-mail from work and I just am not in the mood to fire up my machine once I get home and start sending out e-mails ... so I guess my mailing will be sort of restricted for the time being ...

Not much on the coding front either since work continues to keep me fairly busy ... Plus, I am kind of reluctant to do too much with Blog at the moment since I might be getting Delphi Enterprise after all and if I do, I might want to redo the client-server stuff in MIDAS. So while, I do want to work on Blog, I also don't want to work on Blog :p I've been getting quite a few bug reports about Scope recently as well and I do want to go back to Scope but I don't know when I will get to it actually since I want to finish Blog first but my indecision about how to proceed with Blog and the fact that work is still keeping me very busy too. I guess we shall see :-)

Maybe I'm just getting burnt out by too much coding and need to just relax and take some time off - or maybe it's just that I'm lazy <vbg> Who know?
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