Fortress Surface

Number Note
1 Army Dart - +18 for covert action
2 80 G
3 80 G
4 80 G
5 80 G
S Save Point
North To the train
South Down to the barracks
  • You fight the last sargeant, Mio, just before the save point ( you remembered to backtrack and save before now, right?) Mio has an HP of 900(?) and she uses stun bolts and nerve gas to attack you. The nerve gas can freeze you and leave you vulnerable for repeated hits and so it is probably wisest to stay far from her and use range attacks.
  • Then get on the train and escape.
  • Train Item Breakdown:

    1st car -- Crimson Potion
    2nd car -- 80 G
    3rd car -- 80 G
    4th car -- OFC Badge +15 Action

Fortress Barracks West Misty Forest