Fortress Barracks

  • OK, so you've been tossed into prison. But look, a convenient pipe!
  • Next thing you need to get is a key. Go next door. And don't worry about the guards, you'll get a key in a bit.

Number Note
1 Enlisted Uniform
2 Army Boots
3 Officer Uniform
4 Ultra Drink
5 80 G
6 Army Saber
7 80 G
S Save Point
North To the warehouse where Rem is being held
South Exit to the surface of the barracks
  • First you'll need to rescue Rem. To do that, you have to find the keycode to the doors.
  • Get into the ventilator shafts by climbing the boxes in one of the rooms and get to the dressing room of the three sargents. You can get the keycode by listening in. (It was Right-Right-Left-Left-Down-Up-Down-Up for me but maybe you need to hear it first?)
  • You'll have to fight the first of the sargents soon after you rescue Rem. This is Saki and she has an HP of 1000(?)
  • Don't forget to heal your party and save as soon as you go into the warehouse holding Rem and after fighting Saki as you have another fight on your hands soon.
  • You'll meet the next sargent Nana when you reach the exit to the surface. Nana has an HP of 700(?) and uses a Yo-Yo.
  • Don't forget to go back and save before going to the surface as there is one more sargent left to fight.
Herb Mountain Base Surface