West Misty Forest

Number Note
1 90 G
2 90 G
3 270 G
4 90 G
5 90 G
6 Bao Fruit : Restores 10 SP to 1 friend
7 Weak Weed : -2 to attack level of one enemy
8 90 G
9 90 G
B Map View
S Save Point
North Luc Village
South Where you get off the train
  • You'll first meet the Grim Haze somewhere here. It seems to be pretty much magic resistant and so don't wast time using magic on it but instead use phsical attacks as they are easily defeated with physical attacks. There are certain points where a whole heap of them (about six or so) will attack you and so you'd better watch your IP gauge and think a bit about your attacks.
Fortress Surface Luc Village