The Mind of Morpheus Mentor

Sat,Sep 08,2001

I try to crane my neck to see who had spoken but again, I am met with defeat since my body stubbornly refuses to follow the commands of my will. My unseen companion seems to realize my predicament because he makes a noise of comprehension and I feel something (or somebody) touching parts of my body.

"Ah you have the same problem as the others that I read of in the texts! You don't know how to control your muscles. Bend here and here ..."

I do as the voice tells me to and command muscles at the points that I feel the hands - for I assume they are hands though there seem to be a few too many for hands now that I think about it ... maybe they're fingers? - are touching me. It seems strange to be moving my body that way but I find that I am now able to actually move my head! I finally see my ally and am again thrown into confusion! Questions about my sanity, my ocular faculties and even about my state of wakefulness pass through my mind in quick succession.

For standing in front of me is what could only be called a monkey! A strange monkey for sure because he seems to have four arms instead of the typical two but nevertheless most certainly a monkey. Maybe not now that I take a second to glance at him (it?) since there seem to be certain physiological differences as well - other than the four arms - now that I take a closer look. So where is my companion? The person who had spoken to me? Surely the person who spoke to me couldn't be the monkey? That would mean that I'm dreaming again or that I'd gone insane!! Throwing me into further confusion, the monkey begins to speak.

"You look confused! Oh I see!! I should have remembered the texts on the sleepers more closely! You still are confused because you have no idea where you are. And yes, some of the other watchers had been greeted with the words monkey as well ..."

Had I called him a monkey out loud? I'm mortified! I am still not certain whether this is dream or reality but till I can pinch myself and find out for sure - my fingers still seem unwilling to cooperate with me - I guess I'd better mend some fences.

"Oh I'm sorry! You just startled me that's all. I didn't mean anything by it ..."

"By what? You mean this monkey business that all of the sleepers seem to say on sight of the watchers? We still aren't sure what that means ... The sleepers seem reluctant to explain after a while and then of course it is impossible to find out after some time."

A part of my mind is marvelling at myself for taking all of this so calmly while another part is pounding on the walls of a padded cell and pleading to be let out because I am talking to a monkey - or at least something or somebody who looks quite like one - as if I did it everyday. A few of the things that my companion had said slowly sink through the haze in my mind like rocks sinking to the bottom of a pool.

"You mentioned sleepers and watchers ... what sleepers? And who are the watchers?"

"Ah, you are still thinking of the other place ... let me show you your world ..."

He places his hands on other parts of my anatomy and gently pushes and I command the muscles at those points and find that I am able to turn my head. I see an incredible sight behind me - stretching row upon row under a darkly purple sky are huge greenish blue plants and I seem to be standing at the edge of this strange, alien vegetable patch. My companion speaks again:

"Those are the sleepers and you are one of them but you've just woken up."

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Fahim Farook © 2001