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12 May 2000

Well finally the recent slew of pre-releases seem to have come to a stage where they are stable enough for public release :-) The last pre-release (PR4) turned up only one bug worth mentioning (which was that old-style Popups wouldn't work under DS) and that has since been fixed. I've also added a modified version of the Console bitmap submitted to me by jugg to the distribution.

There is one final change which would affect those of you who have been running the pre-release builds. In order to facilitate theme switching in the future, I have moved the themable elements of the Console configuration to a separate registry sub-key. So if you've been using a pre-release build, you'll notice that some of your Console settings have gone back to the defaults when you boot up with this build. So bear with me and set the Console up again :-)

Other than that, the build remains the same as PR4 and has proved to be stable enough to be finally declared the public release! Now on to re-coding the handful of native DS modules released so that they will be GUI-configurable too :-)

10 May 2000

It's time for not one but two releases :-) I've fixed all of the bugs reported from the last pre-release build of DarkStep and have added a new option that some of you might find useful as well - this option comes in the form of a check box which let's you specify whether to auto load/unload modules when they are added to the list of modules to be loaded under the Modules tab in the Configuration dialog. (Remember that you will have to check the box and click OK to save the setting before it will take effect ...) I have also updated the documentation (though demi will have it polished up more for the final release <g>)

I have also updated the DarkStep Popup conversion from PR2 to PR3 - unfortunately, this build doesn't contain graphical configuration options. It does however have full support for the new COM core functionality and is basically a test to see how a COM based module would fare. Unlike the last release, this one also has some rudimentary documentation though I haven't updated it much as it is going to change a whole lot when the Popup configuration goes graphical :-)

So enjoy the new releases and as always, let me know of all and sundry bugs that you discover so that we can get the public release of DS 0.970 out quickly and move on to converting all the native DS modules to the new format ...


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