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Latest Binaries

This is the binaries for DarkStep 0.969 pre-release. The file includes all the core DLLs and the DarkStep.Exe file as well as a sample jave scriptlet, history of changes to DarkStep and a detailed (but outdated) document describing DarkStep and its functionality. There is no default theme or any graphics of any kind execept for the splash screen embedded in one of the core DLLs itself. If you need a theme for DarkStep or any modules for it, you are on your own as the official website,, is out of commission at the moment.
[Readme.txt] - [04-21-2000]

My sourcecode

This isn't the full source code to DarkStep ... sorry :-) But rather, it is the Software Developer's Kit (SDK) with some extra stuff thrown in like the source for the LSAPI wrapper that I wrote to encapsulate the DarkStep API functions that I use within the LSAPI functions that most DarkStep modules expect. The accompanying document explains my future plans for DarkStep as regards the API and the way it is used as well as how certain elements in DarkStep work. There is also detailed explanations of each API function and its paramters.
[Readme.txt] - [12-02-1999]


These are the modules that I have coded for DarkStep:

Desktop 2.0: This is a conversion of the LiteStep core Desktop module to be compliant with DarkStep. I have also stripped out quite a bit of extra code like sytem tray and taskbar as not all people use the core functionality.
[Download] - [Readme.txt] - [12-10-1999]

SysVWM: This is a quick and dirty conversion of the LiteStep module to DarkStep as a lot of users had problems with it - especially with displaying background images. In the process of the rewrite I did improve upon certain aspects such as memory allocation and hope that this will result in a faster and less resource intensive module.
[Download] - [Readme.txt] - [12-11-1999]

DSTasks 1.0: This is a port of the old LSTasks module to native DarkStep format. I have also upgraded the module to be loaded as either a wharf module or a load module.
[Download] - [Readme.txt] - [12-03-1999]

These are some of the older modules that I coded for LiteStep (some of them have been superseded by later conversions to DarkStep):

LSTasks : LSTasks is the first module that I ever wrote. It allows you to see all your running tasks on the LiteStep wharf as a wharf module.
[Download] - [Readme.txt] - [07-15-1999]

LSTicker : LSTicker allows you to run scrolling or static tickers bearing information on your desktop. I had updated LSTicker to release here but I ran into a serious memory leak and so am releasing the old version for the moment.
[Download] - [Readme.txt] - [07-15-1999]

LSDesk : LSDesk allows those of you who still want your Explorer desktop shortcuts to have them on your LiteStep desktop. The new version fixes the problem of LSDesk shortcuts not appearing on all desktops of the VWM.
[Download] - [Readme.txt] - [07-15-1999]

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