Ghost Ship Hall

Number Note
1 90 G
2 Resurrection Pill
3 Admiral's Sword
North The Captain's Cabin
South ?
  • Go in to the Captain's Cabin and read the book on the table. Then, get ready to fight the Squid King, the first really difficult boss. Mostly because it is a multi-part boss with a head and two arms, all of which can be attacked separately.
  • The most effective strategy seems to be to have all your team members to attack the same part and to use potions to bring up their HP whenever it falls low. One strategy I read suggested attacking the head first - I never tried it that way as I went for the arms first but maybe the arms won't function if you kill the head. (Note: This is what Falcom had added to the original guide - "Use your healing items wisely and attack only the main body of the boss, btw this goes for every boss in the game. Attacking the arms is a waste of your time and could get you killed")
  • Then head out the other hall door and escape
Ghost Ship Middle Deck New Parm