New Parm

  • When you disembark at the port, Feena will leave you asking you to visit her at her house. She'll tell you to follow Merrill Road to get to her place.
  • You will see an Adenturer's Guild Satellite office at the port. You don't need to visit it but if you do, they'll tell you to go their main office in New Parm.

Number Note
1 New Parm Church
2 New Parm Church Annex
3 Adventure's Heart Hotel - Save and recuperate
4 Pacon's Bar
5 Pawn Shop
6 City Hall
7 Kururu's House
8 Shop
  • Visit the Adventurer's Guild and talk to the receptionist.
  • When you try to get into the office of the head of the Guild, he'll ask for a password. Go back and talk to the receptionist and she'll tell you what it is.
  • Once you are done there, head out of town to get the world map.
Ghost Ship Hall Merrill Road