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Mar 22 2001
Yes, it's been quite a while and I'm sure some of you are beginning to wonder why there are no Scope updates :-) Well, it's due to many reasons - 1) I was not feeling well for most of the weekend 2) Scope 1.0 PR2 seems to be pretty stable except for a few minor annoyances and so I'm thinking of declaring it as 1.0 final 3) I got a DreamCast and have been playing Phantasy Star Online <g> 4) I'm doing some research and development for the next release ...

So I hope you'll be patient and await the next release (which probably would be 1.1 or 1.5 beta depending on how much the code changes ..) and in the meantime, if there's anybody else who plays Phantasy Star Online who uses Scope as well, drop me a line and maybe we can play a game online :-)

Mar 16 2001
Unfortunately I have the bad habit of not being able to sit quietly while waiting to see if Scope 1.0 PR1 turned out to have some major bugs :-) So instead, I fixed a couple of minor bugs and also added several of the "most-requested" features since Scope 1.0 PR1 was released <g> And so, you have Scope 1.0 PR2!

The most significant changes in this build have been for the tabbar. Tabbar options are a new tab in the Scope Options dialog now. You can have the tabbar on top or bottom of the screen and also you can have one line of tabs or multiple lines of tabs. But remember that both the tab position and multiline/single line bar options need Scope to be restarted before the changes take effect fully.

There were a few other changes that I can't remember at the moment but you can always check the History.txt file. Enjoy!

Mar 14 2001
Another quite long stretch of silence ... long for me that is :p But at the end of it I finally have .... (drumroll <g>) the Scope 1.0 Pre-Release 1!! Actually, I probably would have continued on with Betas for a while more but I heard from quite a few people that they didn't want to try Scope because it was Beta :-) So I decided to release a final version with most of the features that I really wanted from Scope (plus some that you'd requested ...) and then continue working on the rest of the stuff ...

But of course, since I don't know that this release is completely bug free <g>, I'm not going to call it Scope 1.0 - instead, it will be released as Scope 1.0 PR1 ... if it proves to be bug free, I will rename it to 1.0 after a while :-)

So, what's new in this release? Hmm ... the major additions are a new StartUp tab in the Scope Options dialog and a host of start up options for Scope. Now you can have Scope open up with a blank page, a LinkGroup, your IE homepage, a URL of your choice or the last sites you had open when you exited. In addition to that, I've also fixed all the toolbar problems so that you can drag and reposition toolbars. Plus, I've made the menu a rebar control as well so that you can have your menu and all your toolbars on one line - if you've got the space.

There might be a few other things that I might be missing but you can always find all that out if you read the History.txt file :-) So go on, download it, have fun and let me know if you have any problems, suggestions etc.

Mar 09 2001
Somebody sent me a very tart note about how I should "sell" Scope and have screenshots up on this page :-) While I have been taking the approach that I should spend what free time I have on development rather than promotion and that this page should load as fast as it can, I do see their point about users not having enough information about Scope from this page ... So I've kind of revamped the sidebars and added a little bit more information about Scope in one page so that you don't have to wade through all the postings here to figure out what Scope is all about :-) Let me know what else can be done to make things easier for you - I won't promise to do it immediately but it will get done ... eventually <vbg>

Mar 08 2001
Well, I couldn't rest till I got a release out to fix the problems in Beta 6 and so here it is - Beta 7 :-) This one's the most stable release I've seen in a long time. This one doesn't crash when in a forms window though Mozilla still seems to have trouble with forms - at least for Hotmail. I was also able to fix the security options so that they work again. This one's been another rewrite behind the scenes and so I may have broken something again (esepcially as I didn't have time to test everything <g>) ... So let me know if you find anything ...

Lyon Lim from Nortiq Web Service was kind enough to set me up with another mirror site for Scope. It's a fast server and so it probably will be easier to download from there :-) Thanks Lyon! It is so nice to find so many great people willing to help somebody that they've never met ...

I was told by somebody that I should put up some screenshots so that visitors can actually see what they're getting before they download :-) I've not done that till now because Tripod can be pretty slow to access but I decided to do that today ... mostly because I like to see screenshots before I download something too <g> I guess the sidebar is going to be pretty crowded since I'm not going to alter the site layout at the moment to fit all of this stuff ... <vbg>

Anyway, enjoy the new Beta and let me know of any bugs you may find!

Mar 07 2001
I guess I hurried too much with last night's release :-) I'd been getting quite a few bug reports about the scrollbar issue that I decided to stop work on something that I'd been fixing (the security and download menu options not working) and do a quick fix for the scrollbars and add a few other features along with it ... Unfortunately, my work in progress seems to have broken quite a few other things <g> For instance, automatically opened new browser sessions (or even new sessions opened via the right-click menu "Open in New Window" option) don't actually go to the site and the back and forward buttons are broken even for IE sessions. If you don't mind these problems, continue using Beta 6. If not, please accept my apologies and go back to Beta 5.

I would have released a new Beta today if I could but unfortunately, a heavy workload at work is preventing me from doing so. So, it probably won't be till the weekend before I can get a proper fix in. I hope you'll bear with me till then ...

Mar 06 2001
I should have mentioned a few problems that I knew of soon after I did the last Beta release :-) But in a way they are immaterial now because I've fixed most of the problems <vbg> Anyway, for what it's worth here's the list of problems ...

I knew of a difference between Mozilla and IE browser windows before I released the last build in that (at least on my machine) the Mozilla instance provides it's own scroll bars while the IE instance doesn't and so that's how I coded the individual windows. But on user machines I've heard of double scrollbars for IE instances and no scrollbars at all for Mozilla instances. I've tried to figure out what caused this behaviour but was unable to figure it out except perhaps that it was a difference in builds for IE as well as Mozilla. So what I've done is added two new Scope options where you can specify whether to have scrollbars for IE instances and Mozilla instances.

Then there's the other bug that I didn't fix :-) In the process of adding Mozilla support, I had to break the security and download options. So now it doesn't matter what you've got selected for Security and Download on the menus, it always downloads what you've specified under your main browser settings. I have tried to fix it today but was unable to do so ... I'll hopefully fix it by the next release ..

While I was fixing bugs, I decided to add two quick features as well. The first one was something that I should have actually done for the last release - a way to specify what your default browser engine is :-) The second option is something that my friend jugg who's been doing a lot of beta testing for me asked for (incidentally, Scope wouldn't probably be here if not for jugg since he's the one who pushed me to work on it after seeing an initial prototype <g>). He said that all the l33t programs had an option to specify the title of the main window - so here's the option jugg ... just for you :-)

Mar 03 2001
It's been a while that's for sure :-) But I haven't been idling all this time <g> I've been working on the one major feature that I wanted to see in Scope that I hadn't added yet. It's kinda like that commercial "You've got a multi-tabbed browser with the IE engine ... what do you want to do next?" "I want a multi-tabbed browser with both IE and Gecko/Mozilla support!" <vbg>

And that's exactly what I have done ... Scope now allows you to use both the IE and Gecko engines at the same time! The Mozilla support and browser sessions are kind of limited at the moment and quite a few of the UI elements (like the back and forward buttons and tab titles <g>) don't work work with Mozilla windows yet but I am so excited about just adding Mozilla support that I decided to do a new beta release - oh yeah, the toolbar button background transparency issue was fixed too :p

Of course, there might be a few problems here. If you have Mozilla, you might not have the correct Mozctl.dll or it might not support the features the features that I'm looking for ... To be honest, I've never used Mozilla before and so I don't know much about the distributions and stuff. I downloaded the source for Mozilla 0.8 which was the last "official" release I believe and I have compiled it and created a subset of files that are meant specifically for embedding Mozilla. I have added a .REG file and a Readme.txt to this set of files to explain what needs to be done.

I am very fortunate to have so many friends who are willing to give me space on their servers. KuhnDog (who happens to be one of these friends and a fellow Michigander <g>) gave me space on his site for hosting a mirror site to this site and that is actually where the Mozilla engine download is since Tripod probably will be way too slow for that file - which happens to be about 2.5MB. Anyway, thanks KuhnDog for the space :-) You can go directly to the mirror or download the Mozilla engine from the side-bar link which links to the mirror site anyway.

Download the latest Scope and get the Mozilla engine if you need it, follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file in the file to the letter and then you should be able to use both IE and Mozilla in one engine - side by side! Enjoy Scope and let me know of any bugs, suggestions, comments etc.

Feb 23 2001
Another weekend and I've got another Beta of Scope for you to enjoy :-) This one's actually what Beta 3 should have been. It seems to be pretty complete as far as the initial set of features I wanted for Scope goes and it also seems to be pretty stable and bug free (though Your Mileage May Vary of course <vbg>)

I'm now using Scope exclusively as my main browser since most of the little annoying quirks that Scope displayed have been eradicated (at least on my machine <g>). I would have liked to have included a help file (at least for the LinkGroups feature as it isn't really very intuitive ...) but there is only so much one can do :-) So that will have to remain for later ... unless of course, somebody wants to volunteer to do that <g>

This build fixes all the MDI restore/maximize problems, toolbar hiding/displaying problems and adds right-click menus for the tabs (so that you can close or refresh tabs in the background without bringing them to the front first for instance) as well as the ability for Scope to detect whether it is already running and if so, to open new pages in that session. You can of course disable this from the options if you want to ... So have fun with Scope and let me know of any bugs you may find or suggestions you may have for further improving it :-)

Feb 20 2001
Well, I really didn't get Scope Beta 3 upto the point that I wanted to get it to but I notice that quite a few users are bothered by a few of the bugs in the last release and so I decided to do a release as Scope stands now. There are a couple of bugs that I know of for certain in this build - browser windows start maximized and the minimize and restore buttons do nothing and if you close the current window, the window controls remain there even though the next child window isn't maximized.

The other bug is in hiding certain toolbar controls. That option doesn't work properly - some toolbars get hidden while some don't and the menu options for that aren't updated properly either. Hopefully you can put up with that for the moment :-)

The good news is that I've fixed tabs not being removed when the browser window itself is removed and I've also added an option to make Scope your default browser :-) I've also hopefully fixed the problem that WinME users seem to have with the window placement positions being incorrectly saved to the Scope.INI file. Do let me know if the problem still persists. As usual, the full list of fixes is in the History.txt file ... enjoy!

Feb 17 2001
Am I mad? Don't I have a life? The answer to both are probably true :-) But after about a day's coding I've got Scope Beta 2 done <g> It's got bunches of bug-fixes and lots of features add. The list is too long to go into here but I now have a History.txt file included in the distribution ZIP file and you can read all about it there. But the major changes are tool-bar dropdown history lists for back and forward navigation buttons and LinkGroups.

What the heck are LinkGroups you ask? Well, LinkGroups are simply a way to group browser windows so that you can open a bunch of URLs in one go instead of typing them in one by one or selecting them individually from your favorites.

Incidentally, Scope is no longer freeware - it's CareWare :-) You pay for Scope by caring about those around you <g> It might sound kind of sentimental or preachy to some people but I do think that all of us can do our bit to improve the world we live in and I would consider myself amply rewarded if you brightened the day of one individual :-) Read more about the whole CareWare business and what you can do to help in the About dialog in Scope under Help.

There are still a few bugs that I know of for sure that aren't fixed - for instance the download progress counter goes way beyond 100% at times <vbg> And there probably are other bugs (especially in LinkGroups as I just finished coding that) and I always appreciate your bug reports and input on Scope! Have fun :-)

Feb 16 2001
What can I say about the plans of men and mice? <vbg> I was all ready to release the first beta of Scope yesterday but at the last moment I discovered that one of my optimizations had removed the scrollbar from the browser window :-) So I had to go back and try to figure out what had gone wrong ... The delay was good however as I added a few more features and fixed a couple of minor bugs in the process.

So what's new? Well, all the menu options work now (at least I hope so <g>) You can now save blocked URLs in the config file and the navigation buttons and the download options all work fine for each browser session. The current download and security options are saved when you exit Scope and are defaulted to when you start Scope again. I've also implemented hot-tracking toolbar buttons though my bitmaps are kind of off and the buttons don't exactly blend into the toolbar <vbg>

I think that's it for the moment. I plan on adding drop-down history lists to the forward and back buttons, implement tooltips and add status bar messages for the next release. We'll see how it goes :-) The download is linked to from the sidebar and from the downloads page. Have fun!

Feb 15 2001
I've been doing quite a bit of work on Scope in my spare time and while I think it is almost ready for beta (and would probably be released as beta today sometime ...) I decided to post another unofficial alpha release that I'd done in the mean time. I think only two people have this particular release at the moment but it is pretty functional - at least in the sense that those irritating crashes that happened almost every time you closed a browser window have disappeared. And I think I also did some work on the toolbars but I forget now as so much else has happened since then <g> So till I release the first beta, have fun with Alpha 2 which can be downloaded here.

Feb 09 2001
Another week and another release :-) And this time it is something that everybody would (I hope) find useful. I've been coding on this little app for a while now but had to restart from scratch last week as I discovered quite a few flaws in my original code. So it is still in Alpha at the moment and I know there are quite a few bugs and quite a few missing features but hopefully it will get better soon :-)

I know, I know ... I still haven't said what this mystery app is <g> It's a browser :-) And yes, I do know that there are many other browsers around but this has a few features which makes it unique including the fact that it is less than 200kb, has no installer since there is only one file, doesn't write to the registry (stores settings in an INI file it creates in the same directory where the executable is) and supports multiple browser windows in an MDI interface - quite a good list of features if I say so myself :-)

It uses the IE engine incidentally and currently supports loading of your IE favorites and general browsing. It will crash suddenly if you close any browser windows currently and some of the menu options and toolbar buttons will not work properly and it does not display any status bar messages. But I'm working on these ... So if you wanna still try it - go ahead and download it :-)

Jan 30 2001
I've decided to release the StrongARM version of PrayerTimeCE since I use that on my iPaq at the moment and it works without a hitch. I will be releasing builds for other processors if somebody asks for them :-) I've also updated the Download and Links pages.

Jan 29 2001
Another beginning for this site since I've started coding again :-) I don't know for how long but I guess we'll see ... I decided to redo the site and slowly create it into a depository of all the little bits of code and applications that I've been churning out over the years. We'll see how far I get <vbg>

Unlike the last time when I coded DarkStep on Win9x/NT, I've been coding for Windows CE this time around. The application itself is a pretty specialized one and most users wouldn't even find it useful but I thought I'd put it out anyway in case somebody else can make use of it. Like most of my software, I wrote it because I couldn't find something along similar lines already out there :p

Anyway, I guess I should stop talking about the application in roundabout terms and say what it really is <g> It's a prayer time calculator for Muslims. I found several of these handy proggys for PC's and even one for Palms but not a one did I find for Windows CE and since I happen to own an IPaq and love it to death <g>, I decided to code my own little app to do the job.

I got the coding done over the weekend but don't have it packaged for distribution yet and so you will have to hang on while I get all of that done and then put it up for download ...

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