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Thu, Jan 03 2002

The biggest traffic generator to my site? Searches on walkthroughs for "Azurik" on the XBox on Google :p Of course, unfortunately the people who come here are disappointed. I did talk about Azurik multiple times since I enjoyed the game and the word walkthrough appears many times as well but probably not in the context they are looking for :-( I would have liked to have written a walkthrough for the game but I'm still not done playing it - it got progressively harder as I went along and that means that I lost interest :p My latest gaming obsession? "Final Fantasy X" on PS2 - it rocks!!

FFX has finally brought me back to the PS2 in a big way :-) As far as I am concerned, it is the definitive game for the PS2. I love almost everything about the game except for the fact that you can't change the camera angle. I like all the changes to game play which makes FFX a lot more like "Grandia" which in my opinion has the all time best game play elements for a console RPG :-) I like the on screen map with clearly defined objectives, the turn based battles, the actions display for a battle which shows exactly who will act next, the ability to switch characters in battle without missing a turn, the sensor ability in weapons which shows you the stats (the remaining HP most importantly) on an enemy without you having to cast scan and lose a turn - it's all good I tell ya :p And the FMV sequences are just fabulous and I love the storyline too! Go get it if you haven't got it yet and buy a PS2 while you're at it :p
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Wed, Jan 02 2002

Hmm ... a new year ... doesn't feel as if anything has really changed :p Did get back to work today though and since I've not been to work since last Thursday, that was indeed a big stretch <g> Of course, the first thing I did when my boss got in was to hand in my resignation - talk about starting the year off on a good foot <vbg> She'd been expecting it though and was pretty OK with it and in fact, told me of her own plans to move and stuff like that ... I have most of my stuff in order and have sent off almost all of my books to Sri Lanka already. I have two more boxes of books and stuff packed but that probably won't go till much closer to my departure date though I have a suspicion that I'll have at least one more box to add to the load by then :p Life's been pretty hectic what with all the stuff that needed to be done but it was good to have the holidays since that gave me the time to get it all done. Now, I'm just about done with all the major stuff and just need to sit back and relax and perhaps get through the next two weeks of work - which is gonna be hard since all I want to do is stay at home :p Ah, such is life ...

I did do some coding yesterday (for a brief while ...) but it was to work on something totally unrelated to any of my other stuff. I had downloaded the source for Corion's eConsole before the holidays and had discovered that it wouldn't compile properly on my machine and that it had a few idiosyncracies that I didn't particularly like. So I sat down yesterday to get it to compile properly and to fix the stuff that I didn't like but somewhere along the way I got too busy (I think with the all-day Alias marathon they had on TV :p) and that was that for coding! I do need to get back to coding but I don't think it will be till I stop working in two weeks time or even later, till after I get back to Sri Lanka ...
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Mon, Dec 31 2001

OK the current status of the MMJB saga is that I reinstalled MMJB 6.0 over version 7.0 and the good news is that the software detected that it was going to install over a newer version and warned me but the bad news is that when I installed it anyway, it overwrote the newer driver file for MxlW2k.sys with an older one :p I had a copy of the newer driver file though and I copied into the Windows System directory and MMJB 6.0 worked fine with the file and I had no more problems with lockups at shutdown but MMJB still would not detect a CD change and I have to close MMJB each time after I've done a rip and then insert a new CD so that MMJB would automatically start up and get the CDDB info for the new CD :-( Ah well ... maybe MMJB tech support will have a solution for me today but I'm almost done with my CD's and I have this feeling that I'll get a solution from tech support just after I complete ripping my last CD <vbg> ... Just inserted my last CD into the CD drive ... so any moment now :p
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