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Fri, Dec 21 2001

All good things must come to an end :p I've had my e-maill address at for many, many years now (I forget how long but I believe it is at least four years ...) and now they are going semi-commercial and have made their forwarding service a premium one - darn, now I need to find another forwarding e-mail address that is secure, reliable and is free. I've been looking around and would you believe it, there seem to be none that fit all the criteria at the moment :-( I guess if I keep on looking, I'll find one somewhere but for the moment, I'm stumped and I do need to get cracking soon since I believe I'll lose my service pretty soon ... Ah well ... such is life ...
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Thu, Dec 20 2001

We got hit by the Gokar worm at work yesterday because somebody in one of our European offices decided to click on the nice attachment :p We got about 25 e-mails out of that yesterday and they shut down the mail server for a while but soon things were back to normal and I had thought that was it since nobody would be stupid enough to click on the attachment again after all the commotion that was caused yesterday - guess I underestimate the power of human stupidity <vbg> Today there were 54 copies of the mail in my inbox! I guess people never learn and never will ...

I began looking at various Java IDE's again for work and was giving the Oracle JDeveloper another look and while it was feature packed and was available as a free download, I found it to be extremely slow and a huge resource hog - especially the release candidate for the new JDeveloper 9i. Since JDeveloper is based on Borland's JBuilder, I decided to give that a look as well and while I was pretty unimpressed by the free personal edition, I did find the features for the Entereprise edition pretty interesting! Some of the components there gave me a couple of ideas that I'd like to try out but first of course, I'll need to persuade somebody here to get the trial edition of the Enterprise version on CD :p Guess I'll let you know if I do get the trial and if my ideas can actually be implemented ... :-)
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Tue, Dec 18 2001

I went through the list of sites using Blog on my Blog page yesterday and realized how outdated parts of the list was :p Some of the sites no longer existed, some of the URLs had changed slightly and some of the sites didn't use Blog anymore. So I completely updated the list and moved sites that hadn't been updated in ages to the bottom of the list. Not that it makes much of a difference but that was about the only thing I did yesterday related to any of my apps :-) I still haven't done any coding and as things stand at the moment, I'm not sure that I will for a while since I am still trying to work out what I want to do and where I want to be. I am greatly tempted to just go back to Sri Lanka right now for many different reasons but I'm also aware that a little time to get things together would help as well. The promised review at work still has not materialized BTW but I'm almost certain that the promises made by my bosses aren't worth the air used to utter them anyway and have basically made up my mind about that part - I'll stay here till I get everything together and then leave ... Of course, being a very impatient person, I want to leave now instead of waiting :p Ah well ...
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Mon, Dec 17 2001

Scratch what I wrote a while back about XBox action games being easier :p I've been playing "Azurik: Rise of Perathia" most of the weekend and it has gotten progressively harder. Fortunately, I was able to find a very valuable cheat which offsets some of the game's difficulty - the ability to save anywhere :-) I love those hidden cheats! Of course this takes me way back to the time when I first became aware of hidden cheats in games - it was with Doom where you could use IDDKFA etc. Ah those were the days :-) Well, enough of nostalgia <g> Of course, since I spent most of the week playing Azurik and the rest of the time either reading Terry Pratchett's "The Last Continent" or watching TV, I didn't get any coding done at all - well, except for fixing a couple of minor bugs in Blog that is :p Yeah, I know I need to either get Scope done or get to work on Blog so that you can have all the neat features that I've been promising <vbg> but unfortunately, things are really chaotic for me at the moment and I just can't seem to concentrate enough on coding. However, I will definitely get back to both projects in time ...
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