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Thu, May 24 2001

Gosh I tell ya, there's usually no sense in doing free stuff for anybody at work :p I did WebPrint initially as a favour to a colleague since he needed a way to print HTML files from the commandline and the few utilities that did do the job didn't work with CSS and were shareware. He happened to mention the fact that I'd written him the utility to his boss and before I knew what had happened, I get roped into a meeting to discuss further enhancements to the utility and about training users! Oh well ... anyway, now they want the ability to extract the contents of a ZIP file, print all contained HTML files and then delete the temp files. It does sound kind of interesting but I do hate being pulled into an extra project when I already have a lot of stuff going on ...

Anyway, I started work on the modifications to WebPrint and actually got all the ZIP file stuff added in a very short time - did I say I loved coding in Delphi? :p Of course now they want the ability to exclude certain HTML files from being printed - ugh :-( Guess I'll work on it later ...

Did some further work on Gossip and got the URL launching for news stories working but then discovered that while Gossip works fine with RSS (RDF -Resource Description Framework- Site Summary) format backends (I was using SlashDot as the testbed ...), it wouldn't work with other sites which used a simple text file as a news backend. So I started modifying the parsing engine to include a 3-line simple text file parser but ran into some problems doing line reads from a data stream and decided to call it quits for the time being ...
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Tue, May 22 2001

I know, I know .. I've not been posting much recently :-) But then again, there hasn't been too much news to post about and on top of that, I was pretty busy at work... But something's come up again that needs to be mentioned and so I thought I'd do a quick post <g> I have started work on another (yes another <vbg>) Delphi app :p I guess coding with Delphi is so easy that it's easy to get carried away and I needed a good backend news reader that will grab headlines from an RSS file and display it so that I can monitor news but not have to wade through all the stuff on a site ... As usual, I looked around for good freeware/shareware solutions but the ones I found either didn't work or didn't work as I wanted them to or had those VB installers that I really hate because there is no way to cleanly uninstall afterwards. So I began working on a little app that I currently call Gossip which would fit the bill. Let's see where it leads ...
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