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Fri, May 18 2001

Joel Bennett CCed me on an e-mail he sent to MSNBC regarding this story. I was kind of touched by the sentiments expressed by Joel and his friends and was also a bit amused because they were more mad about Scope being sidelined than I was <g> I guess you can't really understand/see what I mean because you can't see the contents of the e-mail but I wasn't sure whether I wanted to post the whole e-mail here or not ... Suffice it to say that Joel told off the people at MSNBC for being not really informed in their article and also told them that as far as he knew, Scope was the first browser to merge IE and Mozilla - thanks Joel :-)
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Sometimes I don't pay attention to the documentation either :p I had read on Adam Lock's Mozilla Control site that I had to register the Mozilla control (mozctl.dll) using the Mozctlx.dll but I forgot all about it! Or maybe that was an alternate way to register initially but they made it the default for Mozilla 0.9 since I see that he made the final update asking users to use Mozctlx.dll to register only on the 12th of April and that was after I had created the Mozilla lite distro for Mozilla 0.8 ... I don't really know anymore :-) Anyway, for all of the Mozilla 0.9 users out there, that's the way to get Mozilla 0.9 to work with Scope - run regsvr32.exe and register Mozctlx.dll ... as simple as that ...

I did download Mozilla 0.9 source a couple of days ago but didn't get around to compiling it till yesterday since I was working on something else which would also probably turn into an app that I will feature here though I probably won't do anymore updating on it <g> This mystery app is simply a way for people to be able to print one or more HTML files from the command line :-) Somebody at work needed it for something they were doing and when I searched the web for a suitable utility, the only ones I was able to find were all shareware and so in my continuing quest to put all shareware authors out of business <vbg> I decided to write my own. Plus, the ones I found on the web wouldn't handle CSS and the files that my colleague wanted to print contained style sheets - so I did need to write it :-) Anyway, I call the app WebPrint and will probably put it up sometime this weekend ... if I don't get run out of my home that is ...

I live in a mobile home community (yeah, that's a fancy way to say trailer park <vbg>) and they sent me a letter telling me to fix certain things around the place AND to pain my double-wide under penalty of legal action! I pay them rent for the land and I own the double-wide, who the heck are they to tell me what to do with my own home!! Sometimes, I just wanna dump all of this and go back to Sri Lanka where things are so much less hassle :p
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Wed, May 16 2001

Started a small rush job early in the morning :-) Somebody at work wanted a way to print HTML documents from the command-line and though I searched the right-click context menu settings for HTML printing on one of machines, all I found was that they were doing it via DDE through MS Word :p I didn't think to check on my other machine and so searched the web and found a shareware program which did the job but that got me thinking and I wanted to see if I could do it quickly in Delphi ...

Two hours later, I had an app which worked on my machine but in the meantime I'd also discovered that there was a simpler way to do it via Rundll32.exe and the MSHTML.DLL file :p But that was on my Win2k machine and that particular command wouldn't work on my other machine which had NT 4.0 workstation on it. Then I tried my app on the NT 4.0 workstation and it wouldn't work! Ugh ... I hate different versions of Windows and IE and Dlls and what not :p Oh well ....
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Tue, May 15 2001

I had originally put up the Mozilla lite distro because I had thought it would be easier for people to download a fairly lightweight install of Mozill instead of the huge full download just to use Mozilla with Scope. But I've heard more and more stories about how the Mozill lite distro actually ended up confusing people and so I've decided to remove the link from the side-bar. Another reason for this particular decision is the fact that the Mozilla lite distro is based on Mozilla 0.8 and since Mozilla 0.9 is now out, there is the potential for conflicts between different version numbers.

In fact, I heard from a user who couldn't get Scope to work with Mozilla 0.9 and I'm not sure whether anything has changed in the 0.9 release as far as the Mozilla ActiveX control is concerned and so will have to look into it. Yes, that means I'll be doing some Scope related work - or at least some code checking in the near future :-)
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Just heard from jugg that the link on the Tripod site doesn't work for the BlogCS download ... Not really a surprise since I constantly have this problem :p I guess I should put up a permanent disclaimer and ask people to always go to the RazorSystems mirror <g> The Nortiq mirror is not updated yet due to the IP caching problems I have at work - that'll be updated over the weekend ...

He also did some instant beta testing of BlogCS and found a couple of major problems as well as a lot of things which weren't really intuitive ... I'll fix some of them later and provide better documentation to alleviate some (this is after all a very early beta <g>) but I have fixed the greatest problems and have uploaded a new executable but the version number hasn't changed ...
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Mon, May 14 2001

Well kiddies it's the time you've all been waiting for ... well, I know that nobody's been waiting for this that much except for a couple of individuals but it still sounds better :p Anyway, Blog CS is finally done and is ready for testing. I haven't played with it much except to make sure that basic functionality is there since I mainly use stand-alone Blog for day-to-day stuff ... But from what I've seen on my machine it seems to work fine.

The final distribution didn't turn out to be too hefty since it is only about .5 MB over the stand-alone version :-) There is a BlogCS.txt file included in the distro which should explain most of the stuff though the usage section hasn't been modified to reflect the changes in BlogCS <vbg> So download it, have fun and let me know of all bugs and stuff!

Incidentally, sinesolis did another one of his great looking Powered by Blog buttons so you know what to do if you do use Blog on a regular basis - hmm, I guess I'd better clarify anyway <g> Download the button and link to my site, that's what :p I'd like to hear from anybody who uses Blog on a regular basis at all anyway ... Here's sinesolis's latest and greatest :-) :

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Sun, May 13 2001

Continued my work on the MIDAS version of Blog and it actually went pretty fast. Initially I'd been a bit hesitant to work on MIDAS because there wasn't much direct information that I could get my teeth into but once I took a couple of the Delphi demos apart, I understood how it worked. By afternoon, I had most of the code working like a charm ... and then I hit a snag :p

The problem was that I couldn't get any changes or new entries that I made, saved. I kept on trying different approaches till I finally did what I should have done in the first place - checked the web. I found out the cause of the problem almost immediately - I hadn't set a certain property correcly ... duh :-) Now that I had the basic stuff working, I decided to take a break and do other stuff like cooking and watching this movie on the Sci-Fi channel about aliens in Roswell (no I'm not talking about "Roswell" - that's on WB and on Mondays :p).
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