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Thu, Apr 26 2001

Things are still going at a pretty hectic pace at work but hopefully they should start slowing down a bit soon - otherwise I'm gonna end up a burnt stub <vbg> Anyway, I did manage to find some time finally to at least update the sidebar on the site so that it would show my Wish List :p I also found the time to start work on Blog and it's going pretty well actually ... I got the MidWare stuff to work with DBISAM and for the first time have the Blog client communicating pretty well with the Server - the only problem is that certain operations like saving an entry or deleting an entry throws up a weird error message even though the operation itself was carried out successfully ... Guess, I'll have to find the cause and fix it before I can release the all-new, slimmed down, client-server version of Blog :-)

Incidentally, you may notice that the Nortiq mirror site isn't in snych with the rest of my sites - or you may not have noticed that at all <g> Anyway, the Nortiq site is being moved to a new server according to Lyon and so there might be a few hiccups in service there ...
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Tue, Apr 24 2001

Even more processes to be run and fixes to be done and I'm still trying to catch up on the sleep (and rest <vbg>) I lost over the weekend ... Guess, I'm not going to be able to do any further coding on any of my projects till this weekend :-(
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Mon, Apr 23 2001

Things have been so hectic at work since the project launch on Saturday that I haven't had much time to update this journal ... We worked till around 10:00 PM on Saturday and actually got the launch off without a hitch :-) Even though the launch went off fine, there were still things to be cleaned up and fixes to be run and processes to be monitored - so I was kept busy most of today too during the day ...

During the evening I decided to kick back and relax with a nice session of Phantasy Star Online (in offline mode <vbg>) I had played a lot of PSO on Sunday and I met another really nice person online named Whiplash (and no, it's not what it sounds like :p) This guy actually gave me a really good weapon and also took the time to see to it that I could actually use the weapon. In fact, he got several rare items for me so that my character's stats could be bumped up high enough for me to use the weapon (a spread needle) that he gave me.

I hadn't had much time to test the weapon on Sunday and so I decided to do that today and it works great! I was able to finally complete one of the quests in the game that I was stuck on with the help of the greater firepower provided by the spread needle :-) That's about all I did the whole evening and though I wanted to catch up on my lost sleep from the weekend, I didn't get to bed till my normal time because of my obsession with PSO<g> Oh well ....
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