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Fri, Apr 20 2001

Whew! The last couple of days have been extremely busy since the project I'm currently on at work is supposed to be deployed this weekend (and that means I'll probably be working through the weekend - bummer ...). Things were so crazy at times that I didn't know what the heck was happening ... and obviously, I didn't have the time to post to my journal either even when I got home. However, I have been working on the next incarnation of Blog whenever I had the time and thanks to François Piette's excellent Midware components, I've been able to develop a client/server version of Blog pretty fast! I've already got the Blog server coding far enough to have the Blog client be able to log onto it and retrieve information :-) I still need to put in authorization, user management and stuff and also check that all the functionality that Blog had previously still works, but so far it's looking very good indeed ...

On another, front, I'd forgotten all about my Amazon.Com Wish List since I'd been too busy with so many other things <vbg> I had checked to see if my Wish List was online several times after I'd set it up last week but the only Fahim Farook that I could find was some guy in Dubai - this must be the same guy who's been taking up all the user id's online for Fahim :p Then I did another check yesterday and finally found that my list was online as well ... not that anybody would be interested but I just kinda think it's neat and I will also put a link in the side bar so at least my RL (real life) friends can use it the next time they want to get me a gift <vbg>
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Tue, Apr 17 2001

Guess what? I got the full version of DBISAM yesterday (or actually my password to download the full version) and I installed it today, recompiled Blog and converted my existing data and it works like a charm :-) In fact, I'm making this entry into a DBISAM table instead of the Paradox tables I used earlier ... I had initially thought of releasing a new build of Blog today itself since the new distribution is less than half the size of the original 5MB download ... but then I realized that the table structures would change again since now I have the ability to have shared journals ...

So I've decided to hold off on a new release till I can at least get minimal multi-user support in so that anybody who uses Blog will not have to run a utility to convert their exisiting data - of course, if any of you are currently using Blog and do want to keep your entries when switching over to the new format, let me know and I will write a simple utility to do the task - but I don't want to have to write multiple utilities :-)

Speaking of utilities, I've already got my next project (yes, another one <vbg>) already planned ... I was trying to find a good (and free) SMTP server yesterday since I can't access the SMTP server of my ISP from work and I can't (and don't want to ...) send personal e-mail through the work SMTP server. But would you believe it that I couldn't find even one that had all the features that I wanted? :-) The closest that I came to was ArgoSoft Mail Server and that is missing one important feature - the ability to auto-detect my DNS server. So I will probably try to write a quick and easy SMTP server which will let you send out e-mail without actually needing another SMTP server to relay through ... but then again, none of my projects turn out to be quick <vbg>
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Mon, Apr 16 2001

I didn't really have anything much to write today and I was feeling kind of lazy and lethargic but then I got some news that really got me going :-) A representative of ElevateSoft wrote to let me know that they'd be willing to give me a free copy of their software! I was elated since I had found DBISAM to be very easy to work with and very fast when I had worked with it and I hadn't really expected them to be this generous ... The only thing they asked in return was that I have a "Created with DBISAM from ElevateSoft" kind of button in the About dialog for Blog. I was more than happy to comply as you may imagine :-)

Guess this means that I'll be going into Blog coding with a vengeance :-) But not today ... I did do the About dialog as they'd asked me to but that's it for today ... I really feel tired these days and probably need a rest - but there is no rest for the wicked <vbg> So I'll just have to be content with a few days of non-coding and then go back to work :-)
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Sun, Apr 15 2001

Went back to playing PSO once I got everything else done around the house :-) I played for several hours in the evening and went online again as well. I had leveled up enough today to be able to play in the hard mode for the very first time and I immediately gave it a shot <g> It was much harder than I'd imagined and I think I pissed another player who decided to join the game I'd started because he expected an experienced player and I was simply a guy bumbling along :p Oh well, it wasn't as if I barged in on his game ... Plus, I met Malkavian (the guy who invited me into The Vampire Court yesterday) again and he joined the game I was in for a while ...

All in all, a pretty interesting evening though I didn't get much coding done beyond what I'd done in the morning but I guess it's always good to take a break once in a while :-)
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I did some more work on Blog using DBISAM. I do like DBISAM a lot and have decided to not release any further versions of Blog if ElevateSoft says no to my request for a discounted version of the software. Instead, I'll just continue to develop Blog and use it privately ... I know that sucks but I guess that's how things work out sometimes :-(

I did find out how much of a newbie to Delphi I'd been when I first started work on Blog about two weeks ago though :p Chris had pointed out to me that the Blog screen would not center properly on his screen and this was due to me not setting a simple property on the main form. I'd gone with the default - which was to use design time settings - and since it was set the way I wanted on *my* screen, the final app looked fine on my screen. It just screws up on screens with different resolutions :-) The fix was pretty simple once I found it .. but hey, I'd never used Delphi till two weeks ago <g>
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