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06 May 2000

The last pre-release was a bit buggy to say the least (as some of you have probably found out by now <g>) Blame it on an almost total overhaul of the internal COM objects to use ATL and my sketchy (at the least) knowledge of ATL :-) In fact, I was actually considering going out and getting a couple of books on ATL but since I'd already spent quite a bit of money on several COM books I was reluctant to do so ... (Incidentally, and I know none of you are really interested in this <vbg>, did you know that I don't use C/C++ at all in my line of work? I am currently an Oracle/Vantive implementer for my employer and have never actually had to use my knowledge of C/C++ seriously for any of my employers ... imagine that <vbg>)

Anyway, the last pre-release had two major problems - it would crash when you executed either the !banglist or !script !bangs. The first problem was mostly due to not enough testing on my part <g> While the latter was also due to that, when I fixed it, I discovered that my ATL implementation of the ActiveScripting engine didn't work. So I had to do quite a bit of digging around to find how to do what I'd done previously in COM in ATL :-) Incidentally, if you can recommend some good books on plain ATL (no MFC please ...) and COM I'd appreciate it. (Or better still, if you have any books on the subject that you can "lend" me ... <vbg>)

To cut a long story short, I was finally able to fix those two problems and I threw in a minor bug-fix and a new feature too to boot <g> The bug was found by jugg (and he suggested the feature too ...) Specifically, when you specify a new size for the Console, while the main Console window does dynamically resize, the text box does not ...

That's it for this release. You can get it from the side-bar ... Have fun!

03 May 2000

Well, it's been a couple of days since the W2K debug build and I did promise people a new release the same day. Unfortunately, the new release got held up a lot longer than I'd thought originally due to two reasons: a) A heavy workload at work b) Another major overhaul of the internal code which ran into trouble. Anyway, here finally is the build that I promised and I've bumped it upto 0.970 PR2 because the new build has several bug fixes as well as anotehr major overhaul in the internal COM code. So what's different about the COM code? It now uses ATL :-) As to what else is different:

  • Fixed !bang commands registered by any LS module not working
  • Fixed the "Loaded Modules" dialog causing DS to crash when no modules were loaded (thanks for finding this bug and all your excellent suggestions jugg!!)
  • Changed the Console code so that any setting changes would take effect immediately
  • Fixed minor Console editing annoyances such as not being able to use left/right arrow keys

This is however a build on my work machine (under NT) and I have been told that NT builds are always troublesome :-) So I don't know whether this will work or not but have fun if it does ....

01 May 2000

I have heard reports from several people about DS dying an ignominous death under Win2K :-) I have no idea what's causing this and as I don't have W2K, I can't test this either. So I'm posting a debugging build for those of you who run W2k - this is essentially the same release as 0.970 PR1 but with some debug messages to identify at which point the whole thing crashes ... You can get it from here or from here. Let me know what you find out and we'll try to nail this bug ...


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