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28 April 2000

Well, I have been not in much of a position for the last few days to do any work on DarkStep due to being affected by allergies :-) But I am finally sort of up on my feet again and I have managed to complete all the stuff that I'd been intending to get done since I released the beta of 0.969. The new build of 0.970 is not the public release version though I hope that it will become the public release eventually. This is a pre-release build available for download so that I can figure out whether this build is ready for public release.

So what's new here? Mainly bug-fixes and a few requests received from the users of 0.969. But why try to put it in a different set of words when I've already detailed what's different in the history file? <vbg> So here are the relevant entries for this build:

  • Fixed DarkStep crashing when run on top of Explorer
  • Changed the API calls that gets a setting from the registry so that it will accept a default value
  • Rewrote the COM stuff so that it would be compliant with the COM standards (Thanks Don Box and "Essential COM"! )
  • Fixed error messages when running the Import/Export options under Win9x
  • Added a COM event dispatcher to the !bang manager so that modules could receive notifications about events such as the execution of !bangs
  • Added a new !bang format which would take of the COM event dispatcher
  • Changed the core !bangs to take advantage of the new event dispatcher
  • Removed all the message handling from DarkStep.exe
  • Added a new message handler routine to the COM objects
  • Consolidated all the different COM objects into one core COM manager
  • Changed the file open dialogs used by the GUI config to remember the last opened directory for the current session

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