The End of the World 8

  • Either when you get into this section or when you move up from the first horizontal level to the next in this section (I forget which) there is a laser beam trap just as you get off the elevator tile. So hug the wall and move if you don't want your party to get hurt.
  • The five black vertical lines at the top of the section are booby traps. They are flexible stone arms (for lack of a better description) that come crashing down on to the tile beneath them when your party moves on to the tile. If you are in the middle of the tile when the arm comes down, your party gets hit. Move to the edge of the tile to activate the arm and then pass safely through.
  • The last arm has to be activated twice to reveal the Action Point.
  • The Action Point leads to the next section but as soon as you get there, expect a battle.
Number Note
A Action Point
The End of the World 7

The End of the World 9