The End of the World 1

  • Here begins a long segment that lasts for three days (in game time). You have to climb the wall at the End of the World.
  • There are many hidden traps such as blocks that drop from above on your party or two blocks that'll move together to crush your party between them. You don't die from any of these (at least, I don't think so) but your party members will lose HP points. So watch where you go and move slowly.
  • There are switches, blocks that move up and down or sideways and stairways which go one way or another depending on your actions. Once you move past a point, it might not be possible to go back (I didn't try to but you might not be able to ...) So save when you can and in separate memory locations, if you might need to go back. There are several save points before you come to the end of the wall.
  • Sometimes you can jump off the end of a section to get to a lower section.
  • If you are puzzled by the absence of the Action Point marked in the map, it only appears when you move into the little hole in the wall that is placed just before where the Action Point is marked.
  • The Action Point will take you to the next section of the wall.
  • Item 2 is in a trap where two blocks will move from the two sides to crush your party. So move fast.
  • Item 3 is again booby trapped. A block will drop from above. Move fast.
Number Note
1 110 G
2 Fruit of Agility :+3 Agility
3 Seed of Speed : +1 wit
A Action Point
Top End of the World 2
Bottom East Misty Forest, Section 3
East Misty Forest, Section 3

End of the World 2