Twin Towers West

Number Note
1 160 G
2 160 G
3 160 G
4 480 G
5 Angel Darts : +28 attack. Restroes HP during attack.
6 Move Breaker : Unblocks moves of 1 friend.
7 Seed of Strength : +1 strength
A Action Point
B Map Point
H Gate Switch
  • Once you've done exploring, head back to the beach and get back to Gumbo. You'll then need to return to Dight (I don't want to give away any plot points here <g>)
  • And once you get to Dight, you'll have to go to Dr. Alma's (you'll know why when it happens <g>) and then it's off to the Mysterious Vanishing Hill!
Twin Towers South Mysterious Vanishing Shrine