Sult Ruins, B2

Number Note
1 Outdated Armor
2 Dynamite
3 Ceremonial Rock Axe
4 30 G
5 Resurrect Potion
6 30 G
S Save Point
B Map Point
South To Sult Ruins B1
North The Inner Sanctum
  • You will see your first action point on this level. As action points appear only when you get close to them, it is easy to miss them. The one on this level is close to number 5 [Resurrect Potion] but is slightly higher up and so you'll have to climb to it.
  • The action point lowers the column in front of you so that you can walk over to the inner sanctum.
  • Once you're in head left, for the easiest entry to the inner sanctum and hit the gem twice.
  • Once you get to the innermost chamber, hit the gem in the middle of the rotating thing
  • You will meet Mullen and Leen on your way out but your escape is automated.
  • Your party meets the first level boss once you get out of the inner sanctum. Pretty easy to beat.
Sult Ruins, B1 Leck Mine, 1st Floor