Leck Mine, 2nd Floor

Number Note
1 60 G
2 Hand Grenade
3 Orc Shield
4 Medical Ointment
5 20 G
6 Sledgehammer
7 20 G
8 Hand Axe
9 60 G
10 Gloom Helm
11 Blunt Sword
12 20 G
A Action Point
B Map View
S Save Point
North-West To 1st Floor
South-East The Orc King's Lair
  • Once you exit the mine into the Orc King's Lair, get ready to fight two regular orcs and the Orc King himself. This battle should be no problem, as long as you have killed everything on the way, to gain your levels. Remember to recover your whole party at the Save point before going into do battle with the Orc King.
  • The Orc King has powerful attacks and can do you major damage with even one attack. So watch the IP gauge and try to get in a critical attack before his attack to cancel his attack.
  • A strategy that worked for me was to use the grenades on the Orc King and use the blasts to take out (or weaken) the other Orcs and then get rid of them first before going on to the king. You may find other tactics work better for you though ...
Leck Mine, 1st Floor Ferry Boat