Getting to The South Side

  • Before he can get into the south side of Parm, Justin needs to get past Gantz, who tells him he needs to find four items hidden throughout the city. Sue has already found one of them - the Legendary Armor [a dirty apron]
  • You can find the Shield of Light [pot lid] on the docks (go north along point 14 on the map)
  • The Warrior's Helmet [a battered pot] is located next to the west bridge. To get to it, go down the stairs near the east bridge
  • Gantz has hidden the final item, the Spirit Sword [wooden sword]. He will tell you where it is if you talk to him but tells you that it is in a locked trunk and won't reveal the location of the key.
  • Go to Gantz's house and talk to his mother. She'll tell you the that Gantz's brother Tentz has the key.
  • Tentz is next to the bar and when you talk to him, he starts crying. Promise to help him find the key and start searching around the Cafe at point D. When you find it, Tentz will give you the key and lead you back to Gantz's house.
  • Open the chest and get the final item
  • The bridge should now be free. Try to sneak past and enjoy what happens next :-)
Parm Map Visiting the Ruins