New Parm Church Catacombs

  • The way to get into the Church is via the storage shed at the back of the church.
  • Go inside and you will find yourself in the Church catacombs.

Number Note
1 Turtle Shell Shield
2 Iron Mace
3 Mana Egg
4 50 G
5 150 G
6 50 G
A,B,C Dam Controls -- You'll need these to get at everything at the bottom of the canals
  • Use the wheels placed all over the catacombs to control the water levels and get through areas which are initially submerged in water.
  • You will also see items hidden by the water exposed. So explore a bit.
  • You will emerge in the New Parm Church back room. Don't use the door. Save, recover your heal your party and then use the boxes to climb up to the rafters. Get ready to fight the Master Chang, the level boss.
  • The fight's not too difficult as long as you watch your HP and keep on pounding at him.
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