Herb Mountain

  • On your way back from the Dom Ruins, you get attacked by a sick Rem (he's named Rapp in the manual to the game but is called Rem throughout the game). He's sick, so your party needs to go to the Herb Mountain to find the sulfa weed needed to cure him.
  • Go to the rickety wooden fence next to Feena's house and examine it and you are on your way.
  • You can climb most of the inclines in the stone mountain - so follow the arrows in the diagram to get to the sulfa weed.
Number Note
1 Herb
2 Poison Antidote
3 Poison Antidote
4 White Sulfa Weed
5 Herb
6 Soul Herb
7 Panacea
8 White Sulfa Weed
9 White Sulfa Weed
10 Poison Antidote
11 Restore Herb
12 Red Sulfa Weed - the one you want
B Map View
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