The PlayStation Grandia Walkthrough

Welcome to the PlayStation Grandia walkthrough! This page (and site) was created when I got hooked on one of the best RPG games that I've ever played in a long time whether on PC or on the PlayStation - Grandia. I went through the net trying to find some useful resources such as maps and strategy guides as I got stuck almost immediatly (I hadn't played RPG games in a long time - so sue me <vbg>) and discovered that there was hardly any information relating to Grandia at all and what I could find was more relevant to the Saturn version of Grandia rather than the PlayStation. Most of the place and character names were from the Japanese version and there were quite a few differences in the PlayStation version.

Then I came across the excellent Grandia walkthrough setup by Falcom here. It was a copy of an old Saturnworld walkthrough and it has quite a history. Here is what Falcom had to say about his site:

"The original walkthrough appeared in a Japanese Saturn magazine, which was copied by the UK Saturn magazine, and was ripped off by IGN's Sega Saturn website, now dearly departed. I in turn preserved (stole) what they put up on the web, since it appeared likely with the launch of Dreamcast overseas that they would soon be going the way of the dinosaur. This turned out to be the case."

I asked Falcom whether he'd mind me copying the contents of his site and modifying and updating it for the PlayStation version and he said that he had no objections and so this site was born! I am still in the process of playing the game and the pages will be updated as I progress through the game. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!


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