God of Light Mountain (Peak)

Number Note
1 100 G
2 100 G
3 100 G
4 300 G
5 Mist Whip : +20 attack. Good on nebulous monsters.
6 Bond of Trust : Speeds up IP of 1 friend. Permanent.
7 Resucitation Potion : Revives one fallen friend.
8 Lightgod Amulet : +1 all magic resistance
9 Nectar of the Gods : Your target for the mission
South Gof of Light Mountain (Foot)
  • There are no monsters at the peak though you'll find monsters a plenty at the foot
  • Once you get the Nectar of the Gods, return it to the Mayor and go spend the night at Rem's House. Rem's mom is now a save and rest point.
  • You'll have to return to the mountain a second time as the story progresses and will have to fight hordes of soldiers the second time but they'll be there only till you get to the path at the bottom of the mountain foot. Then you'll have a fairly uninterrupted journey except for the occassional monster that you might have missed in your first pass ...
God of Light Mountain (Foot) East Misty Forest, Section 1