Welcome to the map and hint guide for Grandia, GameArts' excellent 3D RPG. This guide is for the US PlayStation version of the game and will have certain differences from the other versions of the game out there.

The reason that Grandia is such an addictive game lies in the storyline and the characters. The story itself is such an interesting one that doesn't reveal too much but unfolds in stages - ever tantalizing you by showing you a little more and leading you on with hints of things to come. Thus, going through this guide at once might detract from your full enjoyment of the game and I would suggest that you refer to the guide as and when required. Each section (or map) of the game is given as a separate page so as to lessen the amount of "spoiling" done.

Using the Guide

This guide is a walkthrough adapted from an excellent guide printed in the Japanese Sega Saturn Magazine starting from the 12/26 issue and running for the next few issues. Maps and item information are derived from the guide but have been modified to reflect the changes made in the US PlayStation version. I have added information that I've discovered while playing the game as well as strategies that proved to be useful with certain level bosses. Unfortunately, I started this guide after I'd been playing the game for a while and so the information on the first few areas hasn't been modified too much from the original.

Players are expected to be familiar with the basic RPG conventions, such as experience, stats and level techniques. Just as a reminder, the triangle button takes you to the character interface for using items, equipping armor and weapons and looking at experience and special technique experience levels.

Most items should be self-explanatory, and one of the strengths of Grandia's inventory system is that an item cannot be used if it isn't necessary. Thus, feel free to experiment with those herbs and potions.

Don't worry about the dialogue that provide options. You can't miss critical decision points. If one response doesn't work, then try again. With most dialogs you have to run through all the options before the game will continue ...

Experience and Magic

Unlike your typical RPG, characters in Grandia have standard experience levels as well as weapon and magic proficiencies. That is, the more you use a certain weapon or elemental magic, the more experience you get, and the higher the level of the ability. You can check what techniques are currently available to each character in the character interface screen (second from right option). In the beginning, each character only has weapon-based magic, which uses SP.

Magic can only be used when a character learns a certain magical ability and to learn magic, you need Mana Eggs. You won't find any Mana Eggs until Merrill Road. You can exchange the Eggs for fire, air, water, or earth magic in any store. (Note: Do not sell the Mana Eggs in the store as they can be sold too) New spells and spell points are gained with certain experience levels, like weapon magic. Fire and air are mainly offensive, while water and earth are more passive, although higher magic in the latter two elements have devastating offensive spells.

You can learn magic in trade for Mana Eggs at any store after New Parm.

Game Playing Hints

Map Index

Parm Map

Maruna Pass

Sult Ruins

Leck Mine

Steam Ship

Ghost Ship

New Parm

Merrill Road

New Parm Church Catacombs

Rangle Mountain Pass

Dom Ruins

Herb Mountain

Military Fortress


West Misty Forest

Luc Village

God of Light Mountain

East Misty Forest

The End of the World

Valley of the Flying Dragon

Dight Village

Mount Typhoon

Lama Mountains

Gumbo Village


Twin Towers

Hidden Shrine

Pirate Cove


Forest of Possibilities

Kaf Town

Stone Forest

Tower of Destruction

Jir Desert

Special Area: Tomb of the Soldiers

Jir Desert

Jir Desert South

Special Area: Castle of Dreams


Savannah Plains

Burinan Heights

Remi Village

Pocket Dimension

Underground Temple

Aerial Battleship

Rainbow Mountain


Final Area Tips