Volcanoe Crater

Number Note
1 150 G
2 150 G
3 Healthweed : Restores 80 HP to 1 friend
4 150 G
5 Dragon Scales : Prevents damage below 10
A Action Point
S Save Point
South Volcanoe Slope 2
  • The level boss can be found at the very heart of the volcanoe.
  • The level boss, Madragon, has an HP of 2150 and is composed of two parts - head and body. Fire spells (obviously) seem to do little damage though stuff like zap seems to affect him quite a bit.
  • My strategy was to attack only the body and to use quite a lot of magic in combination with critical attacks. Gadwin's magic (though very powerful) seems to do little towards harming the boss and so I relied on his physical attacks while I used Justin's magic - mostly Zap and Zap All.
Volcanoe Base Twin Towers (Coast)