Volcanoe Slope 2

Number Note
1 150 G
2 Snooze Scroll : Put all enemies to sleep by bubbles
3 150 G
4 150 G
5 450 G
6 Fire Charm : +4 fire resistance
A Action Point
B Map View
North Volcanoe Crater
East Volcanoe Slope 1
South-East Volcanoe Slope 1 (blocked)
South Volcanoe Base
  • Though you can go straight to the crater from this level (and you do meet up with Sue and Gadwin) as soon as you get here, if you want to explore the volcanoe and get all the items and gold, you'd better do it now as you won't get a chance to do so after you get to the crater and defeat the boss.
  • The Action Point in the North Eastern quarter releases a stone ball that will provide a bridge for you to cross over on.
  • The Action Point in the South Western quarter opens a door to a section that is hidden and you'll have to walk through completely in the dark (so to say) and if you make it out, you can get to the ledge where Item 6 is.
Volcanoe Slope 1 Volcanoe Base