Steam Ship

  • Once you've gotten out of the mine, get out of the train station, head back to Lilly's Restaurant. You're going to make Sue mad, no matter what, so don't worry. Then, have dinner and in the morning, you run away!
  • Talk to the guard at the gate and he'll open the way to the ship. Head over to the ship and talk to the sailors in charge. Next thing you know, you're on the ship
  • Wander all the way to the crew quarters, talk to the sailors and learn about a girl with a bow in her hair from one of the crew members. Head back up. Guess who's stowed away?
  • After you wake up, head up to top deck and start swabbing the decks, matey! Then head downstairs to get some sleep.
  • Finish the minigame two days in a row and you can do some other stuff like visiting the first class passenger cabins and doing some stuff there but I don't think that has an effect on the rest of the game.
  • On the third day, head up to the bow and meet Feena, the third playable character
  • Head up to the top deck and talk to Feena. Then go to captain's quarters and talk to Feena and Skipper
  • While you're talking to them, you'll hear a banging. Head out to the bow and see the ghost ship appear over the horizon. Then talk to Feena and you're on your way to the ghost ship!
Leck Mine, 2nd Floor Haunted Hold