Valley of the Flying Dragon 3

  • When you enter this level you'll meet Gadwin, Knight of Dight, the fourth playable character. He and Justin will fight but no matter what you do Justin will lose. So don't sweat it :-)
  • A point to note is that Gadwin is extremely powerful and will help a lot in combat. As Justin doesn't have to take the brunt of the attacks, it might be good strategy to use Justin's spells a lot to build up his magic levels and get him more powerful spells that will become useful later on while Gadwin is with the party.
  • There is a plant close to Item 6 that you can climb (be careful climbing as you can fall off the plant unlike most other things in the game <g> but no harm will come to your party if you fall off) to get to the southern part of the level
Number Note
1 120 G
2 Seed of Power : +1 Strength
3 Fire Charm : +4 Fire resistance
4 120 G
5 120 G
6 Mana Egg
7 120 G
S Save Point
North Valley of the Flying Dragon 2
South Valley of the Flying Dragon 4
Valley of the Flying Dragon 2 Valley of the Flying Dragon 4