Typhoon Tower 2

Number Note
1 130 G
2 130 G
3 130 G
4 390 G
5 Pirate's Helmet (Hidden Room) : +12 defense
6 Hail Bow : +20 attack. Attribute: blizzard [crackle]
7 130 G
S Save Point
B Map View
H Switch
  • Your goal is the room in the south west corner of the leve but the switch to the bridge to get there is in the room in the north eastern corner of the level. You have to access the closed room in the first floor below the north eastern room to gain access to the north eastern room. In order to do this you have to drop through the hole in the floor in the area next to the north eastern room.
  • Once you get the bridge working and gain access to the south western room, you'll meet the level boss - the Klepp King. He will become a four-headed dragon with different HP values for each head and an HP of 1050(?) for the body. Just concentrate all your attacks on the body and keep up the HP of your party and you should get through fine.
  • Once you defeat the boss, locate the switch behind the throne to gain access to the Typhoon Tower Room of Destiny and let the story take over.
  • Afterwards, return to the Dight village and place the trident on the Dragon's Nest in the beach. You can do this only after you've spoken to the village elder on the beach and he's asked you to do so.
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