Typhoon Tower 1

Number Note
1 130 G
2 Mana Egg
3 130 G
4 Klepp's Sickle : +25 attack weapon of Klepp soldiers
5 130 G
6 390 G
7 Confusion Charm : Gives resistance to confusion
S Save Point
B Map View
H Switch
South Mount Typhoon Peak
  • This is a pretty confusing area which wanders back and forth between the first and second floors of the Typhoon Tower. You'll probably need to look at both maps to understand the lay of the land.
  • The purple and green switches activate bridges and stairways while the red switches are actually alarms that bring in more enemy soldiers to fight you.
  • There are stairways to the second floor of the tower in three rooms. Each stairway gives you access to one area of the second floor and in rooms where there are two flights of stairs, each flight leads to a different location.
  • To find the switch in the room with Item 2, you'll first have to hit the barrels in the room to make the soldiers on the pedestal fight you. Once they get off the pedestal, the switch will be revealed.
  • Your aim is to get to the room in the south west quarter of the second floor but the switch to the bridge that leads to the room is in the north eastern corner of the second floor. To make matters even more complicated, that room can only be reached from the room beneath on the first floor but the room in the first floor can only be reached via a rope from the second floor! (Did that make any sense at all? If not, just go through the Typhoon Tower and you'll understand ... hopefully <g>)
Mount Typhoon Peak Typhoon Tower 2